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The commitment I have made to the people I represent, is to ensure the 13th Assembly Districts gets the attention and its fair share of the state pie that it deserves.  A few of our accomplishments in just our first legislative session include:

  • Securing 2 million dollars for local law enforcement for to safer streets and neighborhoods.
  • A quarter of a million in new playground equipment so that children and families can enjoy our local parks.
  • 5 million dollars for food insecurity support of local families in the 13thAssembly District
  • 55 million for California State University, Stanislaus – Stockton campus to upgrade its educational facilities and increase enrollment for local high school graduates.
  • Authored and passed legislation that was a critical resource for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that helped them keep their doors open and their workers employed.
  • Support our local family farms by securing 15 million dollars to rebuild pollinator habitats.  It’s pretty simple really, better pollinator habitats equal better harvests and more food for local men, women and families.

I will continue to fight for our fair share of resources, for water, to commuter infrastructure to housing. My #1 goal is to make sure the voters of the 13th Assembly District have a representative that is looking out for them and their needs first.




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